Announcing A New Opportunity in Training

Announcement By David Xi-Ken Astor

The Engaged Dharma Insight Group was founded on the mission for bringing the dharma to those that do not have a Buddhist practice center or temple available to them in their community, or are prevented from attending those centers for other reasons, by using the power of  modern technology to engage the dharma in study.  Our experience has been beyond our expectations, and has become international in scope.  Another example of the causal-chain and karma in action.  Our many students have taken advantage of the courses we offer, and some have taken the additional step of study necessary for receiving the Precepts.  EDIG’s focus is, and will continue to be, on lay training and community engagement.

Over the years, however, there are a few students that have voiced an interest in a more formal training program.  Formal Buddhist training brings a different challenge that EDIG, as a secular training Sangha, considers outside it’s mission.  There is a major difference between lay and formal (monastic) training and formation.  In addition, some of our students have come from other religious affiliations and training that developed an active ministry, that now is in transition of becoming Buddhist.  These individuals have also voiced an interest on how to transition to a Buddhist formal study and practice.

I would like to announce that I have formed a new monastic training path separate from EDIG for those with an interest in developing a formal study based on a contemporary monastic model.  The Order of Engaged Buddhists has been formed for this purpose. If you are interested in exploring this new opportunity, and talking to me about how this might be a good fit for where you want to take your developing practice, please visit us on and learn what we are about.  You will find our contact information there.

EDIG will continue to engage it’s Buddhist lay training programs by expanding our course offerings as we grow and learn together.   Both Wayne Shi and I are humbled and honored by the continued response we get from our readers and students that will only strengthen our commitment to serve you in the many years to come.  We can only bow and give thanks for your dedication.

Ven. David Xi-Ken Astor


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