Spidey Tray — Imagination in Meditation 1

Hello to all,

The act of engaging the imagination is an act of meditation.  Not only is it meditation, it is also fun to creatively re-describe the toys and games of youth as dharma lessons.  Here is one, watch for others.


A Spider-Man lap tray from 1979, a 1990s actions figure, a unique pin-back button, and red plastic letters from a 1980s word game become the platform for a lesson.  On the back is a sticker that reads:

Uncle Ben taught Peter Parker that with great power comes great responsibility.

The Buddha’s message is that with knowledge of the dharma comes the great responsibility to engage it in all aspects of life.

Knowledge of the dharma imbues one with great power, and with that power comes great responsibility.

Spider-buddha, Spider-buddha, does whatever a bodhisattva should’a,

Spins the dharma, so realize

Causality is reality all the time.

Be mindful . . . here comes the Spider-buddha {sing to the tune of the Spider-man cartoon theme] 🙂


I bow with respect,

Wayne Ren-Cheng Shi


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