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There are three important aspects to being an engaged Buddhist: 1. Study the Dharma,  2.  Practice the Dharma, including a regular meditation practice,  3.  Get off the cushion and get involved in your community.

Being socially ENGAGED is a matter of doing something that has a positive impact on human flourishing.  Our root teacher taught that human flourishing (happiness, health and harmony) is promoted when we participate in altruistic acts while maintaining a deep awareness of our intent and our interconnectedness with all things. For most of us that means being altruistic with our time, skills, and generous with our resources when we are able.  We can be socially engaged in many ways, not all requiring us to leave our homes.  The marvelous technology we have access to allows us more opportunities than ever before to be interconnected on a broader scale through social networking, blogging, Skype and much more.

The DHARMA isn’t just about the teachings of Siddhartha Guatama, the historical Buddha.  Shocking for some, but the Buddha understood and taught that dharma, as it is revealed to us in each moment (that’s impermanence at work), reflects the cultural and scientific realities of our time.  Both his teachings about this reality and reality itself is dharma.   Our common goal is to provide teachings and methods that are important for human flourishing.  This may begin with studying Buddhist philosophy, but should naturally branch out to science, medicine, history, language, art, philosophy, social justice, etc.

We develop personal INSIGHT through a commitment to a meditation practice. Mindfulness (awareness) mediation techniques develop a realization of our own dispositions, negative, positive or neutral. Then, once recognized we act to first mitigate and then rid ourselves of the negative, act to accentuate the positive, and act to determine the “why” of the neutral.

INSIGHT is also an awareness that we use when we engage our planet and the sentient beings on it. We look deeply to see issues as they ARE, not how we may WANT them to be. We should be rigorously honest about HOW we can become involved with the resources and skills we have. We take appropriate actions base on insight and social consensus.

EDIG is a non-denominational international Buddhist practice community.  Like some Buddhist traditions  we consider the word sangha not exclusive to the monastic community.  For us, our community is like-minded, and open-minded individuals that get together to practice with, and learn from each other no matter the language or cultural differences. We are a GROUP that practices pluralism in our thoughts, words and our actions.  While EDIG’s lineage is both Ch’an and Soto Zen, and thus Mahayana, our platform of practice is uniquely a contemporary/traditionalist Buddhism.

David Sensei and I extend an invitation for you to join with EDIG regardless of other affiliations. It isn’t our school, faith or history that is important. It is our goal and desire to be positively engaged with ourselves and our communities that offers the opportunity to grow in our practice.


Engaging Our Planet


In Buddhism, responsibility means responsiveness. Responsiveness is responsibility. To respond fully to every situation that comes our way, from a call for help of one kind or another to just talking with friends, and to give selflessly to the situation, this is responsibility. It is social-engaged Buddhism. A developed caring and compassionate individual influences others unselfconsciously, motivates them, and inspires them to act in similar ways. Our whole world community benefits. In Buddhism, compassion and wisdom are the qualities that develop out of our practice. It is the source for human flourishing. This is what it means to be a social-self, and to live the life of action-in-the-world. Social action itself is a kind of meditation and can be a great motivation of compassion and equanimity. The object of gaining an insight into our connected and interdependent nature is really to qualify ourselves for greater engagement in the world around us.


The mission of the Engaged Dharma Insight Group is to help others experience the Dharma and it’s teachings in order to be effective engaged Buddhists and agents for change in the modern and expanding world.  We are an international teaching organization that values the lessons discovered when we engage Buddhism pragmatically to foster wisdom and compassion in the common language of understanding.  We practice pluralism and honor the path to learning that the Buddha embraced as skillful means.  Our approach is to combine guided instruction with engaged action to teach the lessons gained in a real-time experience accessible to Buddhists from around the globe.  We will provide support during this process of practice development so useful and productive methods can be learned and deployed by individual and groups alike to be effective partners for social change within their own communities. Together we can make a difference.


All postings on this site are privileged or otherwise protected against copyright infringement, work product immunity, or other legal rules that apply.  All posted work and images are proprietary and intended solely for the use of EDIG and their authors.  Reposting, copying, or transmitting the work is only permitted by permission of EDIG with appropriate attribution.

While every caution has been taken to provide our readers with most accurate information and honest analysis and opinions, please use your discretion before taking any decisions based on the information in this web-site or blog. The information presented is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights. Feel free to challenge or disagree with us, but we reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason whatsoever (abusive, profane, rude, or anonymous comments) – so keep it polite, please. Remember that monks are people too, and our thoughts and opinions change from time to time which is a necessary consequence of having an open mind. Our posts are a snapshot and manifestation of our thoughts of the moment, and as such any opinions expressed within out-of-date posts may not be the same as those currently being considered.

Web Site Designed By: V. Wayne Ren-Cheng Hughes – artist, writer, wandering monk, trekker and dog walker.

9 thoughts on “About EDIG

  1. Hi Wayne, David and Paul,

    Just wanted to send a you guys a big hello from NY. Very good thing you guys got going here 🙂

    Be well /\

    • Thank you, Rakesh, for your interest. We are a teaching community engaging the dharma with others around the world. You might find the offerings on our Learning Center of interest, and a good way to bring a pragmatic perspective to your practice. If you find interest there, please send us an email at engageddharma.ig@gmail.com and let us know how we can connect and assist you along the path you have chosen.
      /\ Ven. David

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