Pragmatic Buddhism: Reflecting Contemporary Vitality


Pragmatic Buddhism: Reflecting Contemporary Vitality

by David Xi-Ken Astor

Now Available as an eBook through

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In this simple yet important volume, David Sensei sets out a clear and viable approach for us to understand Buddhism from a useful and productive point of view for the 21st century by focusing on the pragmatic lessons of the Buddha.  This book provides a common sense approach to exploring some of the hard questions man has encountered for centuries.  It is published by Engaged Dharma Communications and available through Amazon.  (You may also request an editor’s printed  manuscript, send and email to  for details).

A printed and bound editor’s manuscript copy is also available signed by the author for $15.99.


One thought on “Pragmatic Buddhism: Reflecting Contemporary Vitality

  1. Greetings Venerable Teachers! Several weeks ago, I sent a request to receive a manuscript copy of Pragmatic Buddhism. How shall I go about sending you the purchase price? Respectfully, Bob

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