How can we best respond to the corona virus pandemic?

Contemplate causality, the reality that what we do matters. Each of us are now a causal factor that will have an impact on what happens next. We can choose an unwholesome path dictated by selfishness and ignorance or, we can choose a wholesome path dictated by our experiential understanding of causality. Every action taken has a consequence and we can choose to respond to this health emergency in ways more likely to bring about positive consequences.

Practice physical distancing. Consequence: less people get ill and the virus doesn’t spread as much.

Practice social connection. Consequence: less anxiety, less fear, more smiles (the hugs of the moment).

Wash your hands. Consequence: less virus transmission, really clean hands.

Remember that each of us are causal factors and strive to take appropriate actions.

What we do matters.


Stay healthy and be well,

Wayne Ren Cheng


This too will pass.

What makes you think it won’t? Everything else eventually does. Corona virus isn’t immune to the reality of impermanence.

This too will pass.

We must take the actions necessary to allow corona virus to fall away sooner rather than later.


I bow,

Wayne Ren Cheng